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Property administration

Property Administration

Durán Abogados has a long history in matters related to real estate law. From our position as intermediaries in this sector, we are entrusted with the administration of communities of owners. Our objective in this segment is to manage with rigour and efficiency all matters relating to the daily running of any community.

Our work begins the moment we receive the assignment to manage a community of owners. Whether it is already constituted or for new property developments that require the community of owners to be constituted. 

We process the constitution of the community of owners. We work to advise on compliance with legal regulations, advise on the decisions of the community and ensure its proper functioning, strictly complying with the agreements of the meetings.

Custody of community documentation and books
Billing of fees and issuing of receipts
Control of accounts
Quarterly internal accounting audits
Closing of accounts and preparation of budgets
External audits
Participation in general and extraordinary meetings
Drafting the minutes of the meeting
Claims for late payment
Updating the database
Preparation of debt certificates
Procurement of supplies and services
24-hour customer service
Visits to the complex for supervision

Technical, legal and tax advice for communities of owners

We have a team of professionals in the sector who are always at your service to offer you an impeccable service.
To provide you with an impeccable legal, fiscal and union vision and action.
We interpret and apply the legislation in force, unifying the criteria to avoid disputes.

• Technical architects
• Experts in Technical Building Control (ITE)
• Lawyers specialising in debt collection
• Lawyers specialising in claims for construction defects
• Experts in labour consultancy
• Tax experts
• Valuers for courts and insurance companies
• Advice and audits for energy saving and energy efficiency
• Liability (decennial, latent defects, guarantees)
• Building permits

Savings and optimisation y optimización

We help the community to obtain quality services and supplies at reasonable prices

Incident management

We are agile and efficient. We track incidents through our interactive platform with Freshdesk technology

Comprehensive advice

Technical, legal, economic and fiscal advice. We have professional experts in every field of activity

Clear and accurate accounting

We work with Gesfincas, the leading software in Spain for community management

Administrative procedures

We carry out all the administrative procedures of the community (convocations, meetings, execution of agreements...) We make sure that your community is up to date

Debt control

Control and claim of unpaid debts. We try to resolve unpaid debts amicably and propose alternative payment methods to debtorsño.png
C.C. Marina de Casares s/n, Pl.1-L6 29690 Casares (Málaga)
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